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Schulung - Virtual Project Teams

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Seminar Nr. : 12192
Dauer : 2 Tage (12 Stunden)

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Virtual teams are a common way of organising work for supraregional and international areas of work and projects when team members are located in different areas of the country or the globe. Managers of such teams require special procedures and methods. In this practice-oriented seminar you will receive the know-how needed for the organisation, communication, management and technical support of virtual and global teams.


Wer sollte teilnehmen: ?


Project managers, executives, organisers, team leaders.


Adequate command of English.



What are virtual teams?:
Types of cooperation - Characteristics of virtual teams - Organisation - Advantages of virtual teams

Communication in virtual teams:

Fundamentals of communication - Communication models - Communication over the phone - Meeting management - Information management - Technical support - The use of Groupware und networks

Cultural differences:

Particular aspects in international teams - How to deal with different cultures

Team work:

Management methods in virtual and global teams - Managerial responsibilities of a team leader - Team building: phases and roles - Dealing with conflicts - Motivation in virtual and global teams



Presentation, discussion, individual and group work, excercises.

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