Schulung - Managing Complexity - Mastering Chaos

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Dealing with complexity in a meaningful way is a key challenge nowadays.
We surely are able to deal with complicated situations - after all, the world has never been simple and straightforward. So why are things so much more difficult today? The answer can be found in the ever increasing complexity which we encounter everywhere.

You may have asked yourself how you can adequately address this situation.

Some answers can be found in this seminar which deals with this issue method-ologically and practically. Theories and methods currently under debate from the fields of brain research, project management and sociology are included in the seminar contents.

You work primarily on your own specific issues from your day-to-day work and learn to act confidently in complex situations with methods and tools which can help you to move forward.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Executives and specialists who, despite many different processes, structures and rapid changes in the company, want and have to maintain an overview.


No particular previous knowledge is required.



What are we talking about when we use the term "complex"?

- What does complex mean? Differences between complex and complicated

- Characteristics of complex situations

- Problems which may entail complex situations

- Structure and possibility of breaking down complex issues

Strategies: close up - less close up:

- Simplification strategies and taking rash action just for the sake of doing so: Why simplifying is not enough

- Over-informed - under-informed: the difficulty of finding relevant data

- Identifying possibilities and limits when it comes to influencing complex states


- Which practical solutions are there to complex situations?

- Phases of the problem-solving process - understanding what is really going on

- Analyses, perspective changes, goal definition, solution searches, decision-making

- Rational methods - not always helpful

- Where intuition and practical knowledge are more helpful than rational methods

- Collective intuition as a way forward

People and Complexity:

- What scares people: acting when over-challenged

- The role of the team in the solution-finding process - symptoms of group-think

- Overcoming team-specific blindness

Method pool:

- Methods of maintaining an overview

- Methods of developing approaches

- Methods of deciding in uncertain contexts

- Methods of communicating complex contexts to third parties

- Methods of keeping cool and collected



Trainer input, self-reflection, discussion, individual and group work, case studies.

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