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Schulung - Multicultural Awareness

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This seminar provides you with insights into the national and business cultures of various countries which will increase your own cross-cultural awareness and help you to handle business situations with foreign partners sensitively and effectively.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


All those who have or will have business dealings with other countries and other cultures or those who have a general interest in cross-cultural business situations involving foreign nationalities, virtual teams, not co-located teams.


Adequate command of English: Ability to follow and participate in discussions.



Cultural dimensions:
Knowing oneself - Cross-cultural variables/orientations - Creating a cultural profile

Dealing with diversity:

Some examples: European countries (e.g. Germany, France, Spain, etc.), the USA and Canada, Latin-American countries, Asian countries (incl. China, India, Japan, etc.), Arab countries - Diversity in multi-cultural societies - Diversity in the workplace - Language barriers - Intercultural communication

Body language:

DOs and DON`Ts - How to behave - Non-verbal language in different cultures


Greetings and introductions - Business-related socialising - Dining out

Business skills:

Presenting to international audiences - Cross-cultural negotiations

Management styles:

Communicating with subordinates - Leading, planning, staffing, organising and controlling

Critical incidents/own experience:

Problem-solving to test one´s ability to analyse potentially critical business situations

General discussion of current and past events in the world:

History, politics, religions, holidays, educational systems, etc.



Presentation, discussion, individual and group work, video presentations and analyses.

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