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Schulung - Conducting International Negotiations Successfully

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After having completed this seminar you will be better able to plan negotiations in an international environment, to lead them purposefully and systematically and conclude them successfully. You will know how cultural factors play a role in the negotiation process and how to specifically take these into account in order to achieve the best results.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Project managers, executives, junior managers, employees from sales, controlling and purchasing. All employees who are involved in negotiations (also on a day-to-day basis).


Adequate command of English.



Negotiation concepts: Harvard Concept - Win-Win Principle - Cooperation - Best Alternative (BATNA) - Objective criteria for the decision

Cultural factors in negotiations: Cultural models in the business environment (Trompenaars, Hofstede, Schein): Dealing with persons (rules and facts vs trust, individuals vs groups, expressing emotions, holistic view vs analytical approach, status and authority), dealing with time and resources

Examination of specific countries with very distinctive cultural elements: e.g. USA, Japan, France, Russia, China, India, Brazil

Phases of the Negotiation: Systematic preparation - Establishing contact - Opening talks - Exchanging information - Approach phase - Agreement - Closing and follow-up

Communication: General principles of human interaction - Planning the first meeting - Small talk - Question techniques - Face-saving formulations, email - Dealing with conflicts



Lecture, discussion, individual and group work, video exercises and analyses.

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Schulung - Conducting International Negotiations Successfully