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Schulung - IT Project Management

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Seminar Nr. : 12113
Dauer : 5 Tage (30 Stunden)

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Most IT projects last longer and cost more than originally planned. Reasons: inadequate estimation methods and poor project management skills. This seminar introduces and discusses all key techniques for handling IT projects effectively. You will be given a systematic introduction to forming project teams and heading management committees. Using project monitoring techniques, you will learn to monitor a project's planning, control and tracking phases.


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(Future) IT project managers, IT coordinators, technical department managers, organisers.


Adequate command of English.



Project management aspects - Process models - Phases - PM/system organisation

Project management organisation:

Overview - Organisational forms - Characteristics - Team size and hierarchy - Collaboration between technical department and IT project bodies - Project roles - Stakeholders

Project planning:

Aspects and interrelationships of project planning - Activities - Capacities - Schedules - Critical-path scheduling/bar charts - Staff - Resources - Information - Quality - Costs/benefits - Cost planning/efficiency - Risk analysis

Project steering:

Project steering cycle - Information flow between project leader and team - Kick-off meeting - Assignments - Progress reports - Regular meetings - Variances from plan/response options

Project control:

Project control role of PM - Reporting - Project status reports

Project leader:

"Ideal" vs. "real" project leaders



Presentation, discussion, case study, group work.

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