Schulung - Resilience for Executives

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Stability and flexibility are important prerequisites when it comes to facing challenges in today´s professional life. It is the task of managers to create a framework in which development is possible. The aim of the workshop is to develop an understanding for this task and to try out specific measures.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Managers, project managers and all those who wish to become either one.


Willingness to reflect on development potentials.



Resilience: What is resilience? - What is it good for? - Pillars of resilience: Attentiveness, acceptance, solution orientation, optimism, self-effectiveness, responsibility, future-orientation,
network orientation - Insights from the field of psychology.

Leadership: A healthy working climate and influencing factors - The role of the manager - Possibilities provided by a healthy corporate culture - Job-related influences on mental health.

Acceptance: What does acceptance mean, and how can you develop it? - Strength orientation vs deficit orientation - Accepting your own life situation - Recognising thinking strategies - Reframing - Making use of the chance to reinterpret.

Solution Orientation: Identifying inhibiting and solution-oriented attitudes - Leading solution-oriented attitudes - Exercises in imagination

Optimism: Optimism and your own attitudes and experiences - Living resilient attitudes and emotions.

Self-Effectiveness: Identifying options - Seeing yourself as a victim vs living your own self-effectiveness - Meaning of self-effectiveness for your psyche and well-being.

Responsibility: Accepting responsibility for your own well-being - Attitudes and strategies to deal with yourself responsibly, with "mistakes" and with performance orientation - What are we really responsible for?

Network Orientation: Recognising the quality of social networks - Developing support systems - How do we shape up as a department? - Future planning: How well prepared are we? - How good is my network as a manager?

Future Orientation: Planning the future mentally - Practice resilience.

Attentiveness and Perception: Self-perception: Body scan - Meditation - Identifying perceptions, values and patterns - Life is change - Listening to your inner voice - Consciously changing your mental state through perceptions.



Short lectures, exercises, discussions

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