Schulung - Successful Employer-Employee Talks

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The motivation and promotion of employees is one of the most important executive tasks. An important instrument of personnel management is the employer-employee talk. Its purpose is to determine the wishes and needs of employees. At the same time the ideas of the supervisor with regard to the kind of cooperation and the expected level of performance are communicated. Previous deviations from desired behaviour should be discussed in a constructive manner in the employer-employee talk so that they can subsequently be corrected.
After this seminar you know what is important in employer-employee talks. You will learn the essential criteria for the preparation and execution of employer-employee talks, and you will obtain the tools necessary to be able to carry out such talks successfully on your own in the future.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Executives with staff responsibility.


No particular prior knowledge.



Definition of the “employer-employee talk“ • Principles of communication between employer and employee • The use of question techniques in the employer-employee talk • Finding the right words

Structure and Organisation of the Talks:

Preparation • Structure and framework conditions of the talks • Temporal framework and frequency • Transcript of talk and its legal relevance

Content-Related and Psychological Aspects:

Reasons and aims of talks • Job interview, talk to confirm recruitment, performance appraisal talk, talk to discuss absence rate, talk to praise or criticise, dismissal interview • Contents and relationship levels • The importance of body language • Dealing with critical situations • The basis for successful talks

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Schulung - Successful Employer-Employee Talks