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Schulung - Management Training II - Motivation and Conflict Management

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Seminar Nr. : 17706
Dauer : 3 Tage (18 Stunden)

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Leading and motivating employees requires not only understanding, energy and patience but knowledge as well. This seminar is designed to familiarise you with some practical and psychological basics which will help you and your employees to change attitudes and behaviour.


Wer sollte teilnehmen: ?


Executive and junior executive personnel, project leaders, team leaders.


Management Training I - Management Skills and Techniques or comparable skills. Adequate command of English.



Motivation - a myth?:
Some important theories on motivation and possible courses of action - Limits to motivation - Motivation and needs - Motivation and satisfaction - Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Giving praise and criticism:

Preparation - Flexibility - Respecting and strengthening the self-esteem of my employees

Dealing with conflict in specific management situations:

Recognising conflict signals and their effects - Symptoms of conflict and their causes - Personal and structural conflicts - Strategies for overcoming conflict - Do you avoid conflict? Do you generate conflict? - Emotional vs. rational aspects of conflict - Dealing with conflicts constructively?

What do you know about the personality of your employees?:

Recognising deadlocks - Finding a way out

Communication models, change management:

Dealing with changes - Helping employees do deal with new challenges and tasks - Transaction analysis - The interaction model of communication - Systemic approaches



Presentation, discussion and exchange of experience, group work, exercises, video recordings and analyses.

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