Schulung - Leading Diversity - Diversity Training for Executives

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The objective of this seminar is to help you to systematically deal with the diversity of your staff, to examine your expectations and unconscious patterns of thought, to clarify goals and develop helpful action and leadership strategies for dealing with diversity. You examine unconscious patterns of thought and stereotypes related to specific diversity dimensions, clarify where they are helpful or where they must be changed. You sharpen your eye for the different strengths of employees and clarify how you can successfully deal with the particularities of individuals in the team and use differences productively. You develop and examine specific strategies for and practical solutions to personal situations in everyday management.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Executives, junior executives, project managers, team leaders.


No particular previous knowledge.



What does diversity mean, and what kind of diversity do I have in my team?
Diversity dimensions - Diversity in the person - Diversity in the team

How do I personally deal with diversity, with the differences in the team, with ambiguous requirements?

Construction of reality - Changing perspectives - Examining own perception - Unconscious patterns of thought - Stereotyping and its effect - Appreciating diversity - Maintaining a respectful attitude - Values in the corporate culture

What are the typical unconscious patterns of thought related to differences in the company? Which requirements result with respect to diversity management?

Diversity in the company - Stereotypes especially with regard to the dimensions gender and age - Strengths and differences - Perception of individual particularities of employees - Supporting learning processes - Mixed team structures

How do I lead so that diversity benefits the team and the company?

Diversity in your own team - Developing strengths - Dealing constructively with the effects of diversity - Aims of diversity management in the team - Values for diversity - Equal treatment in the face of differences - Special aspects of supervisor-employee talks - Brokering processes - Consequences for work processes - Developing common learning and change processes

How can I develop a respectful and appreciative team culture with regard to diversity?

Promoting a conscious approach to diversity in the team - Developing diversity as a resource - Trust and acceptance - Team culture based on mutual respect and appreciation

How can I solve my own example cases and develop adequate action strategies?

Examining real situations and developing strategies for your own actions based on personal cases and conflicts with collegial advice



Lecture, discussion and exchange of experiences, group work, exercises, practice-oriented projects, self-reflection and status (re-)assessment.

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Schulung - Leading Diversity - Diversity Training for Executives