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Facilitation has proved to be a highly successful working technique for conducting workshops, meetings and conferences more efficiently. Consensus-oriented outcomes are developed jointly by systematically recording, visualising and structuring all contributions made by participants. After completing this seminar, you will be able to apply the facilitation techniques to your own daily work.

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Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Team and project leaders, technical and executive personnel whose tasks include working in or with teams as well as leading meetings and discussions.


Adequate command of English.



What does facilitation actually mean? - Facilitation techniques - Using facilitation to increase the efficiency of group work, e.g. projects, workshops, meetings, conferences and congresses - Role of the facilitator - Facilitation timetable

Facilitation phases:

Preparation - Warming-up - Topic orientation - Stock of topics - Dealing with different topics - Action orientation - Determining future action - Close-out

Facilitation and the use of visuals:

The function of visual language - Visualisation instruments and elements used for facilitation - Ensuring outcomes - Avoiding misunderstandings

The facilitator:

Role and tasks - Question techniques - Reflective behaviour and the "meta level" - Systematic use of rhetoric and body language - Boosting motivation with a "dramatic concept" - Reflecting on your own attitudes

Facilitation problems:

Interferences - Dealing with conflict - Roles of subordinates and behaviour of the facilitator - Conflicts as an opportunity

Applying the facilitation techniques to your daily work:

General conditions - Facilitator's dual role as "superior" and "facilitator" - Teams of two facilitators



Presentation, demonstrations, discussion, group work, role play, preparing and doing various practical facilitation exercises; video recordings and analyses where appropriate. Answers to individual questions posed by participants.

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Weitere Informationen