Seminar \ nr. 17210

Schulung - Train the Trainer I - Designing a Lively and Effective Seminar

  • 3 Tage
  • Präsenztraining
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Seminar Nr. : 17210
Dauer : 3 Tage (18 Stunden)

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After attending this seminar you will be able to design and conduct your own seminars so that they are stimulating and oriented to the needs of your participants. You know the most important principles of didactics and adult/further education and can apply them.


Wer sollte teilnehmen:


Trainers and leaders of seminars, multipliers.


Adequate command of English.



Learning as a holistic process:
Biology of learning - Brain - Memory - Laws of learning

Overall seminar planning, orientation to participants' needs:

Collection of material - Defining learning objectives - Levels of learning objectives - Learning checks - Core knowledge - Background knowledge - Supplementary knowledge - Time - Target group analysis - Homogeneous (heterogeneous) structure of the group - Practice-orientation

Methods of conveying information and deepening understanding, presentation media:

Presentation - Teaching dialogue - Discussion - Group work - Individual work - Partner work - Importance of using media - Flipchart - Pinboard - LCD projector - Techniques and aids - Use of handouts and seminar notes

Visualisation in seminars:

Rules - Elements - Means

Seminar phases:

Beginning - Learning sequence: Introduction, development, deepening - Checking learning objectives - Repetition

Use of handouts in seminars:

Key word notes - Work organisation - Reference work - Different kinds of handouts - Which handout for which purpose? - Which contents are important? - When do I hand them out? - How do I use them?

Quality assurance:

Process control in the seminar: Needs analysis, clarifying the situation, clarifying the task - Seminar controls - Know-how transfer - Planning follow-up phases



Presentation, discussion, team work, video recordings and analyses.



Participants who have attended all three seminars in the Train the Trainer Series can attain a separate certificate.

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